On-line shpora


Ability to view on the phone, in-line, data from the database from your home computer (which has a permanent IP, or knowledge of it at the time of connection):
> Books
> Ancillary data
> Directories


The functions performed by the program:
+ Creating the extended menu

> position menu
> text
> Image
> Wap transition
> Pricelist
+ Ability to edit data using Excel
+ Opening ports for incoming clients
+ Support for connection to incoming and outgoing messages
+ Support for instant messaging between clients
+ Sending pictures to your phone
+ Adjusting the picture to the specified data
+ Checking the activity of the Internet and run the modem in case of failure
+ Dimensionless text files
+ Support for instant messaging between clients
+ Opportunity to make comments
+ Ability to connect additional modules

Additional modules:
> Taxi (in development)
> Real Estate Agency (in development)
> Pizzeria (in development)
> Cinema (in development)
> Reference (in development)

... Add your need

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Online assistant server <ONLINESHPORA>


The essence of the project.


- Purpose.

Wireless communication between computer and mobile phone (with a tuned GPRS). The data is taken from the tables of the exchange. It is possible to group editing tables. Viewing the data as a tree. Permanent connection mobile phone with sleep function of incoming data. Information processing add-on modules are connected to the main database (there is a possibility the network version). Saving and viewing the data as:

+ sample (for subsequent connection to another computer)
+ in html format
+ in excel format
+ in text format

- Perspectives.

With additional plug-ins to the main database may extend the program's functionality (more ...).

- The basis of the project.

<Serveronlineshpora.exe> - Delphi 6. Thank you very much for your support forum <> and <>

<Clientshpora.jad/jar> - with MidletPascal. Thank you very much for your support forum <>



Features of the project.

- Opportunities <serveronlineshpora.exe>:

* During installation, creates a database on a server FireBird
* Setting up a table of customers with different levels of access to the tables.
* Set up data tables for the exchange (including the possibility of group editing using Excel). Using pre-built examples.
* View data in the table sharing a tree in the format of html, format excel.
* Opening the computer port specified in the program settings.
* Support for simultaneous connections to a computer phone (in the demo version from 2 to 10 simultaneous connections. In the registered version you specify the number).
* Ability to work with the table of personal messages (registered version only).
* Ability to visual processing of the table included comments sent from the mobile phone (or by adding additional modules.)
* The data exchange between computer and phone.
* View your mobile phone data sent to your computer:

+ Pictures
+ Text
+ Go to the page in the internal browser
+ Show data in the form of a price tag.

* Exchanging messages between phones (mini chat), or sending messages to a group of clients.
* Log on to the server from the phone with admin rights.
* Ability to send (via additional modules): a picture message, the message with the choice (yes / no), messages with a list of choices.


- Features optional modules:

* Connectivity and Data Processing of the master database software <serveronlineshpora.exe>.
* More ...



Additional instructions:

- The process of installing and configuring computer programs <serveronlineshpora.exe>, and the mobile version of <clientshpora.jar>.


for computer programs:


- Install the program <serveronlineshpora.exe>.
- Set the database server FireBird (SuperServer).
- If necessary, change the password server FireBird.
- When you first start the database will be created (by specifying a new password FireBird, if the previous password change.)
- Configure advanced settings.
- Setting up a data table to share (you can see examples).
- Setting up a table of customers with different levels of access to the tables.
- More FAQ


programs for mobile phone:


- Set GPRS according to the chosen tariff plan (check with your mobile operator).
- Download to your phone software <ClientShpora.jad> (or if not support jad-file - <ClientShpora.jar>). The file is located on the page <
- Manually configure the initial settings (IP, port, login, pass), or using a table of servers (when the configuration file is pumped from the site.)
- If necessary, enter the login and password for admin access.
- More FAQ


- The process of installing and configuring additional modules.


- in development ...


- Please send a bug-tests:


+ Incompatibility of the operating system (tested only on WIN XP)
+ Incompatibility with mobile phone (model and version).
+ Errors in the program on your computer.
+ Errors in the work program on the phone.

Online Assistant server

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Online Assistant server