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1. The process of the correct installation on the computer.

• Download the installation program on your computer.
• Start the installation.
• Set a destination folder or directory by default.
• Install a server FireBird (proven choice 2.1). When installing, select the full version SuperServer. If necessary (but it is advisable for security reasons) to change the password server FireBird. This can be done using the command line cmd (or with bat - file, see below):


From the command prompt cmd


Go to the command interpreter (cmd) and change the current directory to the one in which there are command line utilities (default is C: \ Program Files \ Firebird \ Firebird_ <versіya> / bin). On Windows server systems for use by utilities gsec, typically, you must be a member of Power User or other eligible groups. If you believe you have sufficient privileges, but the use gsec ends messages like «unavailable database - unable to open database»:
• or you are using Windows Classic Server and point the wrong value-database (see below)
• Or maybe the server is not running


Type the following if you are not using Windows Classic Server:


gsec-user sysdba-password masterkey


If you are using Windows Classic Server, you must specify the complete network location of the database security (unfortunately!):


gsec-user sysdba-password masterkey-database "localhost: C: \ Program Files \ Firebird \ Firebird_ <versіya> / \ security.fdb" (if necessary, change the path)


In any case, after pressing Enter, you should see an invitation utility gsec:



modify sysdba-pw your password (8 characters)


To exit the gsec, use the command:


With Bat - File


For example, create a text file and write there on.bat text:


rem change drive
cd / d C: \
rem transition to a directory server installed version of Firebird, for example in our caseFirebird_2_1
cd C: \ Program Files \ Firebird \ Firebird_2_1 \ bin \
rem password change server for the requested PASS (8 characters)
gsec-user SYSDBA-password masterkey-modify sysdba-pw PASS

download sample


Save the changes in the file. Run the file on.bat

• Run OnLineShpora.
• When you first launch a database on the specified login and password for the server FireBird (specify a password that you created, or else leave the default). Specify the connection port. Furthermore, these settings you can change:


- In the case of the registered version it is possible to specify the size of the maximum number of simultaneously connected clients. 
- Specify the connection port, pre-checking will not be any conflicts with other programs, and that would not open a port that is used by the virus. Lists can find it here

- Change Rosemary pictures to send to your phone (depending on the functionality of the phone). 
- Add the name of currency (if you use the position of the price tag at your tables). 
- Set up an automatic reconnect to the Internet in cases of USB modem. 
- Indicate if you want a general greeting for the phones that come in contact with the server. 
- Save the settings.

2. The process of the correct installation and setup programs for your phone.

• You must be configured to access GPRS
• Login to the web browser to our site.
• Download the version for your phone (jad default, otherwise jar).

• Run this program in your phone.
• The first time you go to the general setup menu where you must specify the data to the computer:


a. IP of the computer (you can view a computing system on site
b. Specify the connection port, username and password (these data are configured in a computer program).
c. Specify whether your phone supports MIDP 2.0 (the ability to play music files) otherwise it will vibrate.
d. Save the settings.
e. Or you can use the automatic download of data through server table. This is when the site in this directory is a file setshpora.txt data such as:


<ip></ip><port>25000</port><login>z</login><pass>z</ pass>


The phone automatically takes this data for use (the way for commercial purposes)


• It is possible to adjust if necessary the data administrator to log on with administrator privileges. Save the settings.

3. Is it safe?


• Log in to the server is possible when you enter the correct username and password
• Currently, the exchange of data is encrypted only in base64, as these are usually for public use.

4. How to choose a different language?


• Currently, computer program automatically selects the language according to linguistic pages OEM Windows and supports Russian and English.
• The phone tab in general settings (supports Russian and English).

5. Setting up tables for the exchange.


• Create a new table (or open the examples).
• Open form visual examination table as a data tree.
• If you create a new table. Write the first position of the table. The first position should be the position menu <M>. (+/-) Allows you the opportunity to comment on whether or not the chosen position. In the future, or in real time the data can handle an additional module
• Next, you can create a subgroup of other items (menus, pictures, etc.), extendable to other menu items.
• It is also possible to fill the record with the group and then edit in Excel.
• Data from the shape of the tree you can view data in a notebook as HTML, Excel

6. Setting the table users.


• Set parameters for each group of customers, such as:

- Name of the client.
- the customer's phone.
- Username and password to enter the client to the server.
- Specify a table available for exchange with the client.
- Access to the client to receive and send messages.
- Access to close the message (set the mark, "read a message").
- Customize the text message when client logs on the server (if necessary).
- Adjust text messages when you exit the client from the server (if necessary).

7. Use of the opportunities the message table.


Editing the message table is active only in the registered version. Allows you to view a table of messaging between users, and mass editing and sending messages, for example:

- Changing the selected message.
- Edit the text of the message selection as specified.
- Send the specified message to all the tagged customers.
- Send the specified message to all clients from the sample.
- Set the label on the readability of the message to the selected message.
- Set the label on the readability of the message to retrieve messages.
- Delete the selected message.
- Destroy the sample messages.

8. Control of active users.


• The computer is able to:

- Unloading all connections.
- Unloading selected IP client.
- Open / close the connection port.

• The phone is able to:

- Unloading all connections.
- Close / open access to the server to clients.
- Close the connection port.
- Close the server OnLineShpora.
- restart your computer.

9. Opportunities the registered version?


The registered version can:

• Connect to the specified number of clients.
• Work with the table of personal messages.

On-line shpora


Ability to view on the phone, in-line, data from the database from your home computer (which has a permanent IP, or knowledge of it at the time of connection):
> Books
> Ancillary data
> Directories


The functions performed by the program:
+ Creating the extended menu

> position menu
> text
> Image
> Wap transition
> Pricelist
+ Ability to edit data using Excel
+ Opening ports for incoming clients
+ Support for connection to incoming and outgoing messages
+ Support for instant messaging between clients
+ Sending pictures to your phone
+ Adjusting the picture to the specified data
+ Checking the activity of the Internet and run the modem in case of failure
+ Dimensionless text files
+ Support for instant messaging between clients
+ Opportunity to make comments
+ Ability to connect additional modules

Online Assistant server

Version :

Online Assistant server


10. Problem changing IP address


Perhaps many people faced with the problem of tracking the process of changing IP address online. This problem is inherent to the owners of a dynamic IP address Internet. Occurs when running server applications (programs that connect to other processes on the Internet. This process is required for connection IP and server port). This problem also for users of the program "Online Assistant server", and occurs when changing the IP Internet, and can not connect your phone to the computer's. Because you need to know IP address connection. This program solves the problem of "Log Change IP", which after running continuously monitors the process of changing IP, and in case of the process, writes the report changes to a file on an FTP server, according to your data. Further, these new settings can be read in a mobile application "ClientShpora", using the <Table Servers> general settings of the mobile application "ClientShpora".


Download program Log Change IP